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Is Shoulder Pain Holding You Back From
Your Active Lifestyle?

Are you constantly having to miss out on your favorite activities? Have you tried everything to find relief — only to be let down?

If you relate, keep reading to find out how Physical Achievement Center can help you reduce pain and reach your goals.

If you’ve tried everything to relieve your pain and nothing seems to be working — Physical Achievement Center is here to helpWe’re the solution you’ve been looking for.

We Know How Frustrating Shoulder Pain Can Be.

Ever since the pain started, you haven’t felt like yourself.

You’ve been holding back or changing the way you live your life which leaves you feeling disappointed. 

You want to be able to make decisions without having to factor in your shoulder pain. 

Because Of Shoulder Pain, You’ve Had To Miss Out On…

Exercising and Working Out

Since your shoulder pain started, you’ve had to modify your workouts or stop being active altogether in hopes that the pain reduces or goes away completely. 

Making Memories with Loved Ones

The pain keeps you at home, resting, when the rest of your family or friends are out in the world, making memories together while you rest and wait to see if the pain goes away. 

Living Life YOUR Way 

Shoulder pain has caused you to modify your lifestyle and change the way you live your life. It’s hard to reach over your head and lift heavy objects. You’ve stopped working out as frequently. Changing your life to fit your shoulder pain only makes you feel disappointed that you can’t keep up like you used to. 

You’re tired of saying “no” when you really want to be saying “yes!” 

You want to find a solution to your pain problem so you can get back to living life on your own terms. 

After feeling hopeless about your pain, you’ve turned to trusted family members, friends, and colleagues for advice.

Maybe you’ve been told…

❌ To rest and the shoulder pain will eventually go away

❌ That shoulder pain is a result of an active lifestyle, so you’ll have to learn how to modify and live your life around it 

❌ Icing or applying heat will help reduce the pain 

❌ If you take some pain medication, then everything will be fine

❌ You visited your doctor and they told you that surgery is the only long-term option available

We’re here to tell you that, despite what you’ve been told, these are not your only options for pain relief. 

In fact, all of these options only offer short-term relief or surgery (which you don’t want!)


Resting won’t change the fact that you feel like you’re missing out on your life. In fact, it’s only prolonging the problem because the actual problem isn’t being addressed.

Despite what you’ve been told, shoulder pain isn’t a result of an active lifestyle. It’s a problem that needs attention and proper care. 

Icing or applying heat may work in the moment, but the actual problem isn’t being solved. The pain will eventually return. 

You shouldn’t rely on pain pills daily – the risk of getting addicted and causing other issues for your body can become a possibility (which you’d like to avoid!)

Surgery is NOT your only option — it’s just the only option you’ve been given. 

When it comes to shoulder pain…

You know that there has to be a solution out there that allows you to win your life back the right way. 

It’s important that you choose the best provider that will give you the most natural and least invasive treatment. 

  • No more waiting for the right solution to fall into your hands. 
  • No more wasting endless hours researching the best way to fix your shoulder.
  • No more holding back during workouts. 
  • No more worrying about the pain getting worse with one wrong movement. 

You want to achieve peace of mind and reduce your pain so you can get back to living life your way. 

This is where we come in. At Physical Achievement Center, we will treat your problem, reduce your pain, and get you back to the life you’ve been missing out on

It’s normal to feel stuck when trying to make a decision on what to do about your shoulder pain.

Finding a trusted physical therapy clinic that listens to you, respects your goals, andworks with you to get to the root problem is the best decision you can make for yourself. 

At Physical Achievement Center, we prioritize you.

What’s important to you is important to us.

We will help you ease your worries and gain trust that with us, you will finally find the solution you’ve been looking for.

It’s a big decision to make and we want you to make the right one. 

And when you book with us, you can trust that it’s one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

For more information on how we can help you win your life back, ask us about our cost & availability today. 

It’s time for us to help you reduce your shoulder pain and get back to the activities you love. 

This is the second time in a matter of years that I have reached out to help with some physical issues first time was my knee this time around we are dealing with shoulder pain. So far as we have progressed I am starting to feel much better as my pain is subsiding and I am able to sleep much better as I could only lay on one shoulder and than switch to the other to avoid the pain now I am noticing that I still have pain to deal with it is a lot less at night and more importantly my golf swing is improving. Dr. Rebecca has been quite helpful as we have hit a few bumps in the road mostly due to my recklessness but are patiently working through them.
Dennis K 1 scaled
Dennis K.
Both Dr. Eric and Dr. Rebecca are amazing, I have been dealing with shoulder pain since May of 2021 and I can’t believe how much they have helped me. I have had therapy before only helped for a little while. Saw an orthopedic doctor and I don’t want injections or surgery. Dr. Eric and Dr Rebecca take time with me, show me exercises, manipulate my shoulder without pain, I enjoy going there each week and look forward to seeing what they have for me.
Susan O
Susan O.
After almost 3 years of living with shoulder pain with almost every movement, I have made significant progress toward my goals. I had doctors tell me there was nothing wrong with me, yet I was in pain. I've worked mostly with Dr. Jessica who is so knowledgeable, encouraging and motivating. In addition, the entire staff from Dr. Eric to everyone else create a positive space for healing. Highly recommend!
Kim K 1 scaled
Kim K.
I am a young athlete who has been seeing Dr Eric over the past 5 years for my injuries. He has helped me with low back and shoulder issues. Highly recommend Physical Achievement Center to anyone who wants to feel better naturally.
Aidan S.

How Does Physical Achievement Center Stand Out From The Rest?

We get to the root of your pain problem. 

Figure out why the pain started in the first place

Come up with a non-invasive, personalized treatment plan to get you feeling like yourself again. 

We’re not like other PTs who give you a few stretches and exercises, then send you on your way.

It’s important for us to know that you’re making progress. 

That’s why our personalized treatment plan is crucial to your healing journey — because we know that no two patients are the same. 

Your unique experience with shoulder pain allows us to assess you and come up with a plan that addresses the root cause. 

When you book with us, you can expect to…

✔️ Be listened to and respected

✔️ Reach your personal fitness and health goals 

✔️ Receive individual and personalized care specific to your shoulder pain

✔️ Ease your worries and reduce your shoulder pain stress 

✔️Get back to your regular active lifestyle and live a happy, confident life

Combined with professional skills, an empowering atmosphere, and compassionate work, our team will make sure that you feel cared for, comfortable, and respected during your visits with us. 

We know that you’ve spent enough time dealing with worry, pain, and frustration. That’s why we want to help.

Why continue to live a life in pain when you know that there’s a solution waiting for you? 

Our Shoulder Pain Treatments will:

✔ Save you money from expensive, conventional medication treatments. 

✔ Improve your short-term shoulder pain compared to other solutions or treatments you’ve tried before. 

✔ Reduce your pain symptoms and help you get back to the active lifestyle you’ve been missing out on.

You don’t have to sacrifice your active lifestyle and the workouts you love over problems that we can help you fix. 

At Physical Achievement Center, you’re in great hands. 

Let us help you achieve your goals, reduce your foot & ankle pain, and get back to living life your way!


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