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"NO PILLS, NO SURGERY. After ten sessions of hands on Physical Therapy with Dr. Eric Koehler the nagging ache in my right knee, hip, and small of my back was gone. I'm one happy 86-year-old!!"
May 21, 2018
"I came to Dr. Eric because of osteoarthritis in both my shoulders. I had my hips replaced 4 years ago and have been told that both of my shoulders need replacing. I had trouble with range of motion especially reaching above my head, showering, and dressing (arms behind back). Since PT my range of motion has increased, it is easier to reach, shower, and dress. My overall experience with Dr. Eric was very positive. His approach is straight forward and got results. In addition to giving my strengthening and stretching exercises, he manipulated my shoulders at my PT sessions. (Increasing movement and reducing pain levels) I would recommend Dr. Eric to friends, family, and doctor. As long as I do the exercises, my shoulders feel much better than before PT with Dr. Eric."
May 21, 2018

"I gave Eric a call after having some knee issues. I mentioned that I was going on vacation in a few days and he immediately expressed that we need to get myself ready for my trip! After just two sessions, I was ready to go! Dr. Eric gave me some great tips on treating my knee pain, before and after my workouts. Not only is Dr. Eric extremely knowledgeable in his practice, but a great person to have small talk with. He makes the experience enjoyable. I will definitely be contacting Dr. Eric again if any other issues arise."

Josh M

"I had sciatica pain in the left buttocks and tingling pain down left leg. Before I came to Dr. Eric I was having a hard time doing household chores and had to stop line dancing. Dr. Eric’s stretching exercises have been very helpful. I am now able to function pretty much as before. He has been very kind, patient and helpful. I would recommend him to friends, family, and my doctor.”

Patricia S

"I had a lower back injury caused by over extending while heavy dead lifting in the weight room. This injury prevented me from doing a large variety of lifts in the gym such as lower back exercises, squats, and overhead press. I also had a hard time getting in and out of cars. Initially I went to my chiropractor and got instant relief from a back adjustment, but the pain would come back within a day or two. I fought with the injury for almost a year. Eric saw me at the gym struggling and offered his therapy services. Normally I wouldn't be interested, but he was completely understanding of my lack of time and financial situation so I gave it a shot. We started with an assessment followed by teaching me what went wrong, why, and how to now fix it which included some really basic stretches and exercises. After a week of doing those we had a reassessment. At this time Eric gave me some new stretches and exercises that challenged me more and related more to my style of exercising. He did this knowing my goal was to once again be able to dead lift and squat without pain. Over the next month or so we met weekly for reassessments and new exercises/stretches until I felt still enough to continue on my own and slowly start lifting heavy again. Thanks to Eric I'm back to full mobility.”

Steven E

"I came in with back pain from an injury that occurred three years ago and never made a complete recovery. It got to the point where getting into bed became painful and I was not able to get comfortable enough to sleep through the night without pain waking me up. Now I am able to get into bed easily and stretch out and fall asleep quickly without discomfort. I would recommend your services to anyone who has similar experiences and has not received relief from standard medical practices.”

Melvin V

"Just two sessions offered me significant relief from neck and back strain after a severe fall on the ice last winter. What surprised and impressed me even more is the additional benefit of pain relief in my neck from an injury that that occurred 2 years prior. I am not only much more comfortable, but I can now participate in my favorite exercises.”

Cindy F

"I had been in PT for three months with no discernable improvement at the clinic where my medical doctor practiced. I shared my disappointment with my doctor and to my surprise he told me he knew of another physical therapist that perhaps could help me. I was suffering from arthritis in my feet and ankles. My left foot was turned out about 20 degrees, which made me limp and often caused me to be off balance and stumble when walking.

Eric’s approach was different from my past experience. He spent considerable time talking with me, seeking to understand my problem and my willingness to practice daily what he would recommend. After several sessions I was very pleased with my progress. Eric made physical adjustments to my left foot/ankle and recommended I use a cane when walking. He further helped me learn to walk deliberately planting my heel and then toe as I walked. Lastly he taught me exercises that would help ease the pain in my ankles.

I now walk with a very slight limp and I am able to keep my balance. I have been an ordained pastor for 50 years and since my retirement I have worked at Walmart for 10 years. Many folks comment on my ability to be out and about and I thank Eric for helping me learn how to manage my difficulties that come with age and arthritis. I highly recommend Eric Koehler to help you keep strength and mobility in your life as he has done for me.”

Harry N

"I started working with Eric a number of years ago when I was training to play semi-pro football. I was playing soccer to get my body reacquainted with field running when I did a quick cross over and felt my knee pop. My knee swelled up like a balloon and I went to see my doctor to address the injury. After taking some anti-inflammatory medications, icing my knee, and wearing a brace to assist in the healing process, I still ended up having issues with it. Even performing basic tasks like walking up or down stairs were extremely difficult and painful. After a couple of months of rest, there was still a lot of pain and some instability in my knee. It didn’t take much to cause my knee to swell up on repeated occasions. My doctor had assigned me to some physical therapists at the hospital to see about helping me to make some progress with my knee. They gave me a standard routine to try and strengthen the muscles around my knee that had atrophied. I stuck with the routine for a few months, but I was not seeing any improvement. I consulted another doctor and got an x-ray, but nothing appeared out of the ordinary and he prescribed some other anti-inflammatory medications to help my knee from ballooning up. I was starting to fear that this would be an issue that would plague me for the rest of my life. That is until I ran into Eric at the Y one day. He told me to stop over by the clinic where he was working and that he would take a look at it. He had me lie on the table and began to examine my knee. Within a number of minutes he was able to isolate the issue and told me what had happened that I had knocked my kneecap out of place. He did manipulation technique to help it get back on track and then we headed back to the gym. I was hesitant to push it as it had ailed me for a number of months, but he told me to give it a test. I slowly worked into a run and was shocked by how good it felt. I climbed some stairs and did some resistance activities and it felt almost exactly as it had prior to the injury. I could feel the muscle atrophy around my knee and noticed how weak those muscles had become, but the knee felt and functioned like normal. Since then I have gone to him whenever I have injuries that have set me back with my training. Everything from sprained fingers to lower back problems, he has been able to help provide an immediate solution and follow it with suggested stretches and a physical therapy routine that ensures there isn’t a recurrence. He has a calm demeanor and great assessment skills. He has always been easy to work with and has been extremely reliable. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is seeking out a physical therapist.”

John K