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"NO PILLS, NO SURGERY. After ten sessions of hands on Physical Therapy with Dr. Eric Koehler the nagging ache in my right knee, hip, and small of my back was gone. I'm one happy 86-year-old!!"
May 21, 2018
"I came to Dr. Eric because of osteoarthritis in both my shoulders. I had my hips replaced 4 years ago and have been told that both of my shoulders need replacing. I had trouble with range of motion especially reaching above my head, showering, and dressing (arms behind back). Since PT my range of motion has increased, it is easier to reach, shower, and dress. My overall experience with Dr. Eric was very positive. His approach is straight forward and got results. In addition to giving my strengthening and stretching exercises, he manipulated my shoulders at my PT sessions. (Increasing movement and reducing pain levels) I would recommend Dr. Eric to friends, family, and doctor. As long as I do the exercises, my shoulders feel much better than before PT with Dr. Eric."
May 21, 2018

“The past several months I had problems with pain in my shoulder when I’d carry or lift a heavy bag of groceries. Usually it would go away after a few days, but the last time it happened, it not only didn’t leave, but the pain went into my neck and down into my upper back. My doctor ordered a prescription for Prednisone. The pharmacists asked what I was taking it for and when I told him, he recommended Dr. Eric who had helped him with shoulder pain. From the first visit I felt I was in the right place. Dr. Eric treated me and showed me exercises to do at home. Since seeing Dr. Eric and doing the exercises I don’t worry about reaching or lifting because I feel stronger and have more mobility. I am telling friends about his treatment with no medication or surgery but with great results.”

Bonnie S, age 86 🙂

“I was scheduled to have rotator cuff surgery in two weeks when I attended Dr. Eric’s workshop on “What is the Rotator Cuff.” I cancelled my surgery and decided to try Physical Therapy. I’m so glad I did. Dr. Eric worked with me and now I am able to do everyday chores like reaching and lifting, closing a car door or putting on a jacket or t-shirt over my head. Simple things one takes for granted. Working with Dr. Eric and doing my exercises has helped me be my independent self again. Thank you, Dr. Eric, for everything you did for me.”

Dorothy R, age 82 🙂

“I came to Dr. Eric to see if he could help rid me of nagging lower back pain. I wasn’t able to play golf anymore without experiencing lower back pain. The goal was to reduce the pain so I could play golf again without putting up with the excessive pain. Dr. Eric is very dedicated and did plenty of “hands on” therapy which I wasn’t getting in earlier sessions. I have increased my overall hip-knee-back flexibility. Although I am not able to return to playing golf, I feel Dr. Eric has encouraged me to continue my exercise schedule to get (hopefully) back to playing golf once again. The office staff was wonderful and my total experience was enjoyable. I recommend this center for everyone needing good “hands” on therapy.”

Roger B, age 80 🙂

“I have been suffering from lower back pain since I was a teenager. I had spinal fusion at age 18, which gave me several years of relief. At about age forty I started having more severe back pain and underwent physical therapy, with moderate success. The pain was to the point where it was limiting my daily activity. Walking was limited and just standing was painful. I am an avid bowler which became very painful and affected my scoring. I had gotten to the point where I investigated laser therapy and laser surgery, but the cost was prohibitive. Since receiving Dr. Eric’s treatment, I now have very little pain and my bowling in improving. It’s been a whole new world after receiving Dr. Eric’s workshop announcement. I am now more active with little to no pain. The staff is very helpful. They make you feel comfortable and put you at ease while waiting for your session. They are very good at accommodating your schedule when booking additional appoints. I highly recommend Physical Achievement Center.”

Tom H, age 75 🙂

“I was having knee problems, trouble grocery shopping, going up and down my basement steps and in and out of my car. I thought about surgery, but I saw Dr. Eric’s notice in the paper about “Hands on Therapy” for joint problems and talked to a friend that was seeing him. I decided to see him first and was impressed after my first session. Expected to be running up and down my basement steps, but it took time to correct my problem and get me to where I am now. He was so patient with me and taught me a lot. He gave me printed sheets with my exercises explained, that I can do at home to keep myself moving! Thanks to Dr. Eric I am able to shop without limping and manage my basement steps without a lot of pain. If I have any other pain problems I won’t hesitate to see him again.”

Barbara R, age 84 🙂

“When I first came to see Dr. Eric I was a bit skeptical. I didn’t think it would do any good. I had trouble with my knees and my shoulder. I had a hard time getting upstairs without pain and discomfort. Dr. Eric gave me few simple exercises to do and after a few visits to Physical Achievement and doing those exercises every day, I have a lot more flexibility in my knees and am able to climb stairs a lot better. I also had difficulty with my shoulder. I could not reach behind my back. But with some simple exercises that Dr. Eric gave me to do I can reach behind me without any discomfort. Dr. Eric treated me with respect and compassion. I would recommend him to anyone.”

Jim L, age 73 🙂