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If you're searching for the best physical therapy available in Oshkosh WI... We've got you covered.

Welcome, we're Physical Achievement Center and we help people get back to their life naturally.

We've helped thousands of people around Oshkosh and the greater Fox Valley area return to their favorite activities such as golfing, gardening, biking, pickleball, travel, and even just enjoy a fantastic night of sleep again – even if they've tried everything.

Let's start writing YOUR success story together as soon as tomorrow.

We’re ready to get you on your path back to feeling like yourself 100% again. Let’s get connected and see how we can help you achieve your health, wellness, and fitness goals and get back to living life — pain-free.

"This is great and all... but who do you even help?"

Do you have trouble with overhead activities and feel like you’re holding back or missing out on your workouts?
Are you unable to stay in shape because you’re worried that being active might make the pain worse?
Is it difficult for you to keep up with your family and friends?
Are you worried that one wrong move could send you into agonizing pain for the rest of the day?

We get life-changing results for our clients

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Physical Achievement Center

Susan O
Susan O.
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“Both Dr. Eric and Dr. Rebecca are amazing, I have been dealing with shoulder pain since May of 2021 and I can’t believe how much they have helped me. I have had therapy before only helped for a little while. Saw an orthopedic doctor and I don’t want injections or surgery. Dr. Eric and Dr Rebecca take time with me, show me exercises, manipulate my shoulder without pain, I enjoy going there each week and look forward to seeing what they have for me.”
Kristin U
Kristin U.
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When I came to Dr. Eric, I had been dealing with lower back and Sciatica pain and could not sustain sitting. He was patient and thoughtful in my care, and he was willing to try a number of different techniques to help bring me relief. I appreciate how he works to not only bring pain relief, but to also strengthen the body and challenge it as well. I have seen much improvement in my body, and I attribute much of that to Dr. Eric!

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Can I get a cost estimate? If you do not have health insurance or plan to self-pay for our services, we will provide you with a Good Faith Estimate of our costs when you schedule at least 3 days in advance. If you would like to request a Good Faith Estimate before scheduling, please call our office at (920) 230 – 2747

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