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Balance & Coordination Recovery/Proprio Balance Machine

Are you looking for a way to improve your balance and coordination issues? Are you tired of looking for solutions only to be met with disappointment? Do you want to live life worry-free?

If you relate — our Balance & Coordination Recovery services might be the best solution for you.

Keep reading to find out how Physical Achievement Center can help you.

The Proprio Balance Machine helps patients with…

➡️Balance issues & concerns

➡️Reduced fall risks 

➡️Educating you on ways to improve your balance issues 

➡️Quicker recovery time than other solutions you may have tried before

➡️Reducing dizziness episodes 

➡️Allows you to get back to living life on your own terms

What Is A Proprio Balance Machine?

If you’re looking to improve your balance and coordination quickly and effectively — Physical Achievement Center has the solutions for you! 

Balance and coordination recovery at Physical Achievement Center uses a device called the Proprio to assist you in overcoming worrisome balance issues and concerns such as dizziness, concussion management, and fall risk reduction. 

 The Proprio is an adaptive balance reaction device that is interactive with patients and provides immediate feedback to help improve balance where it’s needed. 

The Proprio provides challenges and each challenge is completed safely while simultaneously learning how to overcome your balance and dizziness issues. 

We’re the only clinic north of Chicago that has this technology.

The Proprio shortened recovery time and gets deeper results than any other technique or solution when it comes to balance and dizziness issues. This machine is proven to have fantastic results and is used by NASA, professional athletes, and high-level performers. 

Be like the pros and use the Proprio to overcome your balance and dizziness issues and concerns

If you’re interested in learning more about how the Proprio machine at Physical Achievement Center can help you — ask about our availability & cost today!


No. The Proprio is a safe device and our team is trained with your safety and comfort in mind. You will never have to endure painful movements or strain yourself in order to improve your balance and overcome dizziness. 

Yes. We use common billing codes that insurance will accept so there aren’t any additional costs. 

Yes — most patients benefit from this service. When using the Proprio, you will be educated and given ways to improve your balance issues and reduce worry and stress in your life. 

All balance and dizziness issues can be helped with the use of the Proprio. If you can stand, or have someone help you stand, then you can be assisted to use the device. 

It depends on how severe your condition is and what other treatments you may be receiving.