10 Tips for Unbreakable Weight Loss Resolutions!

Losing weight is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions in the country. You’ve probably made this resolution yourself… multiple times! But each year, before you know it, you find yourself on the couch eating junk food instead of a salad. How can you make this year different? Fortunately, we’ve done the hard part for you. We’ve put together a list of 10 surefire tips that will make your weight loss resolutions stick!

  1. KEEP A RECORD! Studies show that those who keep a food diary lose twice as much weight as those who don’t! Writing down the foods you consume (and what emotions caused you to consume them) helps keep you accountable throughout the week!
  2. BE SPECIFIC! Vague goals like “I want to be healthier” won’t get you anywhere. Make your resolutions as specific as possible by outlining small day-to-day steps. Plan out your week to include well balanced meals (with a shopping list!) and some kind of physical activity.
  3. RESOLVE TO COMMIT! After setting realistic goals, resolve to commit to them for at least 30 days – long enough for these changes to become habits. It’ll be much easier to keep going once you’re in motion!
  1. DO WHAT YOU LIKE! Eating healthfully doesn’t mean you have to eat foods you dislike. Do some research and try to find some new healthy foods that you might enjoy. The same goes for exercise! Change up your routine when you start to get bored.
  2. REWARD YOURSELF! Create a rewards system! Do something (non-food related) when you reach each weight loss milestone. Get a massage or buy a new dress for an upcoming party! Consider trying something you couldn’t do before you lost weight. Celebrate your success!
  3. EAT FOR FUEL, NOT PLEASURE! Remember that food is meant to fuel the body and keep it going. When you eat for pleasure, all of your health goals go out the window. Pay attention to what foods you are eating and how they make you feel.
  4. DRINK WATER! Water is essential to weight loss. It cleanses the body and keeps everything moving and working properly. Without enough water, you’ll feel sluggish and hungry all the time.
  5. SLEEP AT LEAST 8 HOURS A NIGHT! Without 8 hours of sleep each night, your body can’t function properly. If you don’t get enough sleep, you’ll make poor choices and find it hard to lose weight
  6. DON’T BEAT YOURSELF UP! If you slip up every once in a while, it’s okay! The worst thing you can do is beat yourself up for it and fall off the wagon forever.
  7. CLEANSE OFTEN! Detoxification is the key to weight loss. It’s important to cleanse your body often! You can detox at any time, whether you’ve eaten too much over the holidays or just want a little extra boost. Call us to learn more about our Solutions4 Detox Kits!

As you begin to set your goals for the New Year, keep these 10 tips in mind. Make 2021 a year to remember! If you are ready to take your New Years Resolution to the next level, and experience a CLICK HERE (https://drkoehler.weightseminar.com/) to sign up for our FREE Breakthrough Weight Loss Seminar, being held twice a week in January! Conquer your weight once and for all. You will learn how to lose weight naturally, safe, & keep it off long term, unlike typical fad diets. Learn why toxins & hormones in your body may be preventing you from decreasing the number on the scale in 2021.


About the Author

Eric Koehler

Eric Koehler - PT, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT, Certified Dry Needling

Dr. Eric Koehler has been working as a Physical Therapist for over 25 years in the Oshkosh, Wisconsin and Fox Valley area. He has a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree and has completed his Fellowship in Orthopedic Manual Therapy in 2017. This level of clinic training is only attained by 1% of all Physical Therapists. Eric's mission is to provide non-surgical, non-drug approaches to help individuals overcome pain and weakness to help them get back to enjoying their life.