6 Health Tips To Get You Through The Holiday’s

First of all, it’s important to realize that you can and enjoy the holiday’s without overeating. This season is all about gratitude, family, and good food – but it doesn’t have to be about binge eating. There are plenty of delicious, healthy foods that you can eat in moderation and really enjoy. Giving in to the desire to overeat reinforces the mindset that healthy eating is “just too hard.” Each poor choice that you make adds up and contributes to the feeling that you can’t control what you eat or how you behave. When you consciously make good choices instead, you’ll build confidence in yourself until you know you can succeed! Wouldn’t you rather go forward with optimism, confidence, and peace of mind? If you can navigate through Thanksgiving without giving into temptation, you’ll find that the rest of the holiday season is just that much easier.

If you’re worried that you’ll be tempted to overeat despite all of this, there are a few steps you can take to curb your cravings:

1. Focus on other aspects of the experience other than just the food. Enjoying some quality time family members whether in person of via zoom is the Best reason to celebrate this year, and it isn’t just about the food. You’ll be surprised when you realize how much fun you can have without eating foods you’ll regret! It is 100% possible to have a happy holiday without falling off the wagon.

2. Savor your meal completely….bite by bite. Chew each food at least 18-24 times. You will be not only be able to properly add digestive enzymes from chewing more you will slow the tendency to overeat.

3. Slow down…..Take more time than usual to enjoy your food by taking more time between bits of food. Place our spoon or fork down with each bite. Enjoy the conversation with your loved one, or at least family that annoys you the least, with conversation during the meal will enable to experience to last longer. An additional benefit of taking longer will also allow your stomach time to signal to your brain when you are truly full.. All of us have likely had the experience of eating fast and not realizing until it’s too late that we over-stuffed ourselves.

4. Turn the TV Off so you can enjoy each other’s company and so you can more fully savor the experience. Distracted eating while watching the game or a movie is a sure fire way to distract yourself into binge eating.

5 . Allow yourself a healthy treat, but don’t overdo it. Consider making a healthier pie with an almond-based crust, a homemade coconut-based ice cream, or some other lightly (and naturally) sweetened dessert.

6. Think of vegetables as the main dish (not a side dish) at every meal. Eat these first, then move on to other foods if you’re still hungry.

So there you have it, six tips for a healthy holiday season to keep you in check with over eating and moving towards more health options for the holiday season!

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About the Author

Eric Koehler

Eric Koehler - PT, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT, Certified Dry Needling

Dr. Eric Koehler has been working as a Physical Therapist for over 25 years in the Oshkosh, Wisconsin and Fox Valley area. He has a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree and has completed his Fellowship in Orthopedic Manual Therapy in 2017. This level of clinic training is only attained by 1% of all Physical Therapists. Eric's mission is to provide non-surgical, non-drug approaches to help individuals overcome pain and weakness to help them get back to enjoying their life.