6 Steps To Getting Back To Exercise After Injury

A common question asked to Physical Therapists is “How long does it take to get back to exercise after an injury?” I hurt my ankle a month ago and want to know how long it will take me to get back to running. It’s frustrating not knowing if it’s safe to get back out for […]

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Myth’s About Physical Therapy

If you are “new” to physical therapy then chances are you don’t know much about this specialized field of health care. You might think of physical therapists as just massage therapists or personal trainers. This is quite far from the truth, but don’t feel bad! There are many, people who are uneducated about what a physical therapist […]

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Prevent Pain. Stay Strong.

You know exercise is important to your health. It helps you feel better physically, gives you energy, and helps you deal with the stress of your busy life. But what do you do when life gets too busy to take an exercise class, go for a run, or get to the gym? It’s easy to […]

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